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ITSA DeFi Expert

Ibrahim Ipek

Cofounder at Winngie

I am currently working on DeFi projects mainly focusing on ETF, indicies and derivatives. I also handled ESG related supply chain management system development based on blockchain technology, full system design was handled by me. I worked on carbon credit project and created tokenomics scheme for carbon credit based token. I am Turkish origin Japanese citizen, worked in Australia, China, Indonesia and Japan. I am fluent in Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Chinese. I have studied Economics in Japan, Finance and Law in Turkey and starting from this year Law School LLM in Peking University in China. I worked in different projects as operation head, so i deeply involved system structure development. Besides, as the nature of the business, I involved legal issues in token development in Singapore, Switzerland and Japan. Besides, opened up several companies in Southeast Asia. Currently i am in DEFI talents program with Frankfurt School of Finance.

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