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WM Datenservice

International Token Standardization Association e.V. (ITSA) and WM Datenservice are for the first time providing traditional financial markets with uniform data access to the digital crypto markets. For this purpose, the financial information service provider WM Datenservice uses the Tokenbase of the ITSA and offers essential master data on tokens on this basis.

WM Daten & ITSA-1


TOKO, the digital asset creation engine and Hex Trust, Asia’s leading digital asset custodian, have successfully completed one of Asia’s first tokenizations of private debt on the Hedera enterprise-grade public ledger. The tokens have a unique International Token Identification Number code (ITIN), in compliance with the International Token Standardization Association standard (ITSA), for increased operational transparency and safety.

toko and itsa private debt

Rudy Capital

Rudy Capital and ITSA - International Token Standardization Association are joining forces to work together on the identification, classification and analysis of crypto assets. Rudy Capital specializes in market research, risk management and portfolio construction and is benefiting from the use of our ITIN and ITC framework.

Rudy Capital & ITSA

Gorilla Funds

With Gorilla Funds, every fund manager is able to visit their own fund page and add information about themselves. ITIN Integration in automated Enzyme Product Information Sheet gives users a better overview of the fund. On-chain data is pulled from the Ethereum network for the automatic creation of fund information sheets. Tokenbase API integration enables the instant assignment of ITIN and ITC to the desired fund.

Gorilla Funds & ITSA


A paper published by the European Central Bank (ECB) on the use of DLT in post-trade processes published in 2021, calls for more interoperability in post-trade solutions, mentioning a lack of common practices and standards. A section on the identification of assets and tokens in a DLT-based system specifically draws attention to the need for a unique token identifier and mentions the International Token Identification Number (ITIN) as an example of an identifier fulfilling some key requirements.


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